Everything we
do definitely have an effect
on the amount of positive
energy we have. Although
we eat a healthy diet,
regular exercise and habits,
but if you are bad, then
the energy will decrease
and make the body is
always feeling tired.
That's because the mind is
often filled with something
negative. You certainly
curious about anything
that draining the positive
energy and negative impact
on psychological and
physical condition.
1. Delay the work. Much
of the work or things can
be done as soon as possible
but you would prefer to
postpone it. It is highly
energy-consuming because
any time if the job or it
should be resolved
immediately, your time and
your mind will surely
drained the maximum to
complete. If There is
unfinished and delayed
definitely a lump and seize
your mind, it also makes
concentration and reduced
2. Complain. Naturally, if
you occasionally complain
about a thing but if every
day is filled complaint,
then you do not aakan get
nothing. Complaining
means throw away the
positive energy. Do not let
every day complaining
because it will only make
you tired. Moreover,
nothing will change just
because a complaint
without action.
3. Adjacent to the person
who is always negative.
Adjacent to the people
who see things from a
negative side also greatly
affects energy and your
thoughts. By listening to
stories and statements that
are always negative for sure
you will feel tired. Your
thoughts could be
negatively affected.
4. Always compare
yourself and others.
Everyone has advantages
and disadvantages of each.
As badly as anyone would
have a good side. By always
comparing yourself with
others will only waste
energy in vain.
5. Diet carelessly. A diet
that is not good to make
the body feel
uncomfortable, which
indirectly could create
unstable emotions. When
conditions are not good
mood, you need to intake
of specific nutrients. Do
diet by eating foods that
can make you feel more