diet programs do not always have to disangkut pautkan with food combining. Planning and motivation from within oneself, is also very important. Arrange Strategy Develop a plan regarding the daily menus, exercise and coping strategies that are difficult things. In that sense, you must have a plan in regulating dietary intake of food (not to be goaded to overeat) when invited to dinner with friends or attending a party. Set the strategy as effectively as possible. Those who successfully lose weight are those who have the strategies and tricks to stay on the right track. In short you must be creative and anticipatory response to situations that may be detrimental to your diet. Define Motivation What motivates you to slim? Due to parental demand, in order to impress a girlfriend, or so admired friends? If the reasons you just for the sake of pleasing others, it means you are still not ready to go on a diet. Strong intention is to come from within, not because of factors beyond your own self. Create Notes Other tips to be successful losing weight is getting used to monitor and record every progress and setbacks. Especially in the first few weeks you do the diet program. Keep a daily record of food, ranging from foods you eat, how much and where you eat it. Make a note also weekly ranging from physical activity or exercise you do every day (including the duration and results of the exercise) ssampai your weight loss. Also take note of how long you sit or lie down. When it was too long, you can make this as motivation to immediately exercise better. Better to write down immediately any information as soon as you eat or do physical activity. Write down the details of all the foods you eat, ranging from heavy meals, snacks, drinks until a pack of gum though. Avoid Processed Foods Avoid foods that have been processed form such as fried, and sugary foods berpengawet. For it is precisely these types of foods that will add calories. For example, a boiled potato which contains only 50 calories that are rich in fiber and vitamins, can-can tersulap to 200 calories when processed into french fries and loss of vitamin C. Do Pessimistic Avoid all the pessimism and negative thoughts like "I'm doomed to fail, I could not possibly be slim again". Things like this will actually make you give up and return to overeating. Immediately change these thoughts into positive things that can evoke such passion, "I have to try even more strongly, pokonya I have to be slim".