Three months ago, I recently gave birth to second child. Currently I'm trying to streamline the body, but without affecting milk production. Is it safe if I use creams and herbal slimming pill shrinkage or stomach? Answer: Although no studies about the side effects dangers of slimming drugs that you mentioned, you should not carelessly consume these products. Fear, not only harmful to your health, but also can threaten the health of your tiny baby. The best way to streamline the body is fixed by reducing calorie intake, by reducing food portions and increase activity. During breastfeeding, the actual extra energy you spend is not too large, which is about 500 calories. Such energy can be obtained by adding 200 grams of rice and a boiled egg from your everyday needs before pregnancy. The best step you can do, start exercising and less snacks. Drinking enough water (eight glasses per day), without added sugar. You can drink nonfat milk plus sugar only minimally. You can also eat the daily menu as usual, by eating vegetables first, then rice and side-pauknya. Every meal, simply take two or three pieces a side dish (with a total weight of about 100 grams). Rice should still be eaten, but the portions are equated with such needs during pregnancy.