Food consumed the
parents also affect the sex of
the fetus in the womb.
Research shows parents who
have a son, eat lots of sodium
and potassium, whereas
parents of girls consume lots
of calcium and magnesium.
If you're planning to have
children with certain sex try to
adjust your diet before
pregnancy. Researchers
suggest some foods that you
and your partner can consume
so that the fetal sex as
If you and your spouse want a
boy multiply the consumption
of potatoes, mushrooms,
sweet cherry fruit, bananas,
oranges, peaches and berries.
Reduce consumption of
lettuce, cabbage, broccoli,
and peas.
If you and your spouse want a
girl multiply the consumption
of eggplant, carrots,
cucumbers, green peas,
peppers, onions and beans.
Reduce consumption also
bananas, oranges, grapes and
The researchers suggested
that the diet is discussed with
a physician. Intake of other
foods was necessary and
should not be overlooked such
as proteins and
carbohydrates. Lest they
follow a diet when pregnant
fetal development problems.