Personality influence on
many things, like the clothes we
wear, friends and men who
coveted. Not only that, personality
also affects the success or failure of
diet do. If diets do not tailored to the
personality, it tends to not work.
From now try to select the type of
diet that suits your personality. Do
not let the diet that has been done
for months is not successful just
because it does not fit with your
personality. Here are four
personality types and the type of
diet that should be done.
- Diet Planner
If you include people always plan
everything carefully and in detail the
diet then you are a planner. Try to
make healthy low-fat menu for one
week, if necessary, write down the
agenda. It will be easier for you to
be consistent on a healthy diet and
diet became more effective.
- Diet Player
If you're the type who easily
adaptable, flexible and not think too
much about when there is a
problem then you are dieting player.
Do not try to do a strict diet,
because it will not succeed. Rigid
diet will not last long on you,
because it feels like a burden. No
need to abstain from eating certain
foods. But when determining food
or snack, choose a lot of fiber and
low in calories. Get used to always
eat healthy foods.
- Diet feeler
If you are sensitive and always need
other people to motivate themselves
separately diet then you are a feeler.
You always involves feelings in
many ways, including in choosing
food. So when the mood is sad or
happy you can overeat. To fix this
try to overcome feelings of emotion
that you experienced in other ways,
such as, writing blogs, playing
computer games, sports or vent
with friends. This is to avoid
excessive appetite when you're
- Diet Thinker
Thinker diet suitable for someone
who likes the challenge of thinking
and new things. Information on
ingredients in foods such as
calories, fat, carbohydrates can be
something of interest to you.
Trying a variety of diets are also
often you do. But try to be
consistent on one type of diet and
analyze to what extent weight loss,
then know also sugar and
cholesterol levels in the blood.
Knowing the medical facts of the
body can make you more
consistent diet.