Everyone has a favorite
food. And, usually when it's dealing
with favorite foods will be difficult to
control yourself. No amount of food
could you spend.
If you are like this of course will
have an effect on body weight. To
know how to control themselves
when confronted with a favorite
food was, horoscope you can rely
Aries: Aries star For you are very
happy with the bread. Any kind of
bread would devour. Bread is not
just for breakfast, but sometimes
used as a snack. If you are like this
could certainly make you gain
weight. To fix this, while eating
Do not take a big cut, but small
Taurus: snacks that are favored
Taurus is crunchy and tasty food.
Can be a cracker, pop corn, potato
chips, crackers or biscuits. If you've
been dealing with food
The taurus tend not stop eating it.
To fix this, choose packaging that is
small or grab a tasty snack in hand.
Gemini: Gemini love with fast food.
If you've been dealing with fries,
burgers or chicken fried flour would
be hard to stop eating. High calorie
fast food on the course is not good
for health. For that, it's better just
cook your own burgers, potato or
chicken who wants to be
consumed. Expand vegetables and
remove from stuffing cheese
Cancer: Cancer is like sweet foods.
Such as pudding, tiramisu or
pastry. It was a sweet and gentle
indeed make the tongue addicted.
But, be careful not too much
consuming because it can be a bad
effect on blood sugar levels. Make
your own pudding that uses low-
calorie sugar. To print, use a small
pudding molds. Consume one or
two servings is enough.
Leo: People tend to like meat leo
star. Although good to meet the
body's protein needs, but not good
if consumed in excess. Try to
occasionally replace meat with fish
menu. Protein content and high
omega 3 for health and memory
Virgo: dry cake is tasty and sweet
is a favorite food Virgo. One jar of
cookies can be spent in no time. It
certainly can make the calories in the
body is increasing. When buying a
cake, you should select are packed
in small packs. Do not buy a large
cake in a jar because it can lead you
to spend it.