Vegetables are the best
source of fiber. Unfortunately, for
busy women, eating a healthy diet
is often forgotten. So the body
became less fiber, and cause
digestive tract is not smooth.
Therefore, as a vegetable substitute,
this time some fiber drinks brands
offered to meet the needs of fiber
body. But, really healthy
replacement drinks that are
considered completely safe for your
health and your diet? Consider the
questions and answers below!
Question: Is it true slimming?
Answer: According to the Food and
Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM),
natural fiber products (drinks
fibrous) circulating in Indonesia are
mostly containing Psyllium husk,
which is water soluble fiber which is
also known by the name of
Plantago ovata husk or Isphagula.
Soluble fiber is easily digested and
readily soluble in water. For example
pectin, musilase, and gum, which is
widely available in lemon, apples,
oranges, strawberries, beans,
broccoli, and onions. Gum is
expanding in the intestine, thus
providing a sense of satiety. Fibrous
drinks could have made weight
down, because you are so reluctant
to eat the other. However, weight
loss in this way is not healthy.
Question: Can be a substitute
for fruits or vegetables?
Answer: Within a day, your body
requires 30 grams of fiber. If the
fiber in the daily menu was
provided for (of rice, vegetables,
fruits, etc.), beverages do not
actually need to be consumed.
Because, unreliable as sources of
fiber. Additionally, fibers derived no
physiological or not in accordance
with normal body functions. In fact,
if consumed in the long run,
especially if the fiber content in it too
much, over time can interfere with
Question: Is it safe to eat when
Answer: No. Fibrous drinks also
contain calories, because there is
added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
're Dieting or not, can not be any
fibrous drinks consumed. POM had
issued a special announcement
about this product.
It contained, among others:
- The product should not be taken
without water (eaten in powder
form). Consumption of drinking
water must be accompanied by at
least 8 glasses per day.
- The product should not be
consumed together with the drug.
- Not recommended consumed by
patients with disorders of pancreatic
enzymes (as it can inhibit the action
of the enzyme lipase), patients with
large bowel obstruction, patients
with pathological narrowing of the
gastrointestinal tract, and diabetes