Maintain Weight During Pregnancy The increasing age of the fetus, your body weight will tend to increase. If body weight increased in the normal size, you certainly do not need to worry. But if the doctor thinks you jump excessive increase in body weight, you should immediately gains control. Excessive body weight during pregnancy is not only a negative effect on your health, but also the health of the fetus. To overcome this you can go on a diet and exercise, and certainly should consult with your doctor before doing so. There are several diet and exercise are safe for pregnant women and is quite effective in controlling weight gain. Mild exercise You can do a little exercise during pregnancy. Streets during the evening and morning, yoga, swimming are a few choices of sports you can do. Do exercise safely and not too heavy. Try to exercise every day, besides the weight can be controlled, the condition of the fetus can become healthier. Consumption of food with balanced nutrition Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals. For protein consumption, you can eat fish or lean meat. Try not to process it by frying. We recommend that you cook with little oil as possible. The greater the pregnancy will make you feel hungry often. For that, the better you eat many times in small portions rather than eating a few times but in large portions. Flexibility exercises Practicing flexibility is very good for pregnant women, but do not do it excessively. In addition to preparing the muscles for childbirth, flexibility exercises can make you relax. If flexibility exercises carried out effectively, can burn many calories. Avoid sugary foods, instant and fatty Do not consume too many soft drinks, instant foods and eat sweet. Not only makes your body weight increases, but also the weight of your fetus. Choose a healthy snack and meet your nutritional needs