The human body
naturally produces cholesterol, but
the amount produced in accordance
with genetics. Too much cholesterol
content is also not good for health.
American Heart Association as
reported by
stated, content criteria intake of
cholesterol in the body when less
than 200 mg / dl is considered
healthy. While the 200-239 mg / dl
cholesterol was borderline high, and
240 mg / dl and above is the
healthy cholesterol levels.
Many of the favorite foods also have
high cholesterol. But there are some
foods that can lower these levels.
Here are five foods to lower
1. Oatmeal and Oat Bran: The fiber
content is essential to help combat
high cholesterol. Oatmel contain
fiber that can solve cholesterol.
2. Walnuts and Almonds. These
types of nuts contain
polyunsaturated fatty acids that can
help destroy cholesterol.
3. Fish and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
These types of fish contain among
them salmon, mackerel, and tuna
contain omega three which can
nourish the liver and lowers the
cholesterol levels.
4. Olive Oil. This Mediterranean diet
that provides a low antioxidant LDL
cholesterol. Olive oil consumption is
recommended every day.
5. Foods that contain sterols and
stanols are substances that exist in
plants that help block the absorption
of cholesterol. Foods that are
included in the type that include
margarine, orange juice, and
yogurt. Additionally, other foods
that are good for lowering
cholesterol levels are fruits,
vegetables, nuts, seeds, and nuts.
These are some examples of foods
that can reduce cholesterol levels in
the body that you can eat.
Making these foods part of an
overall balanced diet and you'll
enjoy foods such as eggs and beef
without fear of error or damage