"Want to burn calories? Try regular sex!" That's the theory contained in the book "The Ultimate Sex Diet" by Kerry McCloskey. Making love can indeed be an activity to burn calories and toning muscles, especially if done regularly. Here are facts that can support that sex could be your favorite sport: Burn Fat calories = Kikis To lose weight, you must burn more calories than eating the food. The best way to burn calories is by exercising. If you have experienced sweaty body after sex, you may have wasted several calories. In fact, having sex for 30 minutes can burn 150-350 calories. This activity can be equated with doing sprinting, lifting weights or jogging in the same time. One hour of active lovemaking, calories can be equated with calories contained in a cheeseburger (about 400 calories). So, snacking desire that you feel could be transferred by the action of 'rogue' You and your partner in bed. Provide time All you need to know, timing is everything. To lose weight, you need to make love longer. Foreplay long enough to burn more fat. Begin with a kiss Foreplay with kissing can also burn calories. You can burn about 18 calories if kissing every 15 minutes. So, doing this action for 30 minutes before sex to burn calories about 36 calories. Variations in style of sex Making love can also be equated with weight lifting activities. Rivet partner's body, and lift your body with the hands and feet can help tighten muscles. More toned muscles can make the body burn calories more easily. More creative you try sex positions, more fat is eroded. Dampen the desire to snack According to the results of interviews conducted with Dr. Fox News. Robert Friar of Ferris State University, Michigan, USA, sex can not only make the weight go down, due to the reduced calories, but also because this activity can increase the production of serotonin. This hormone can make you full faster, making it faster to stop eating and snacking. The more hormone in the body, the easier you dampen the desire to snack.