At the age of four heads, Pamela Anderson still beautiful and has a sexy body. Pamela claimed to have a special recipe in maintaining the body beautiful. When some artists on a diet and exercise diligent in maintaining the beauty of her body, Pamela Anderson just different. Sexy-lipped artist who is claiming the secret beauty of the body is because of sex. 'To keep the body beautiful for me is to love. I never go to the Gym aasu on a diet, "Pamela said as quoted from Hollywood Gossip, Tuesday, August 11, 2009. Former star of 'Baywatch' says sex makes it youthful and healthy. Pamela is known as an artist who openly discuss her personal life including her sex life. SHe did not hesitate to share stories about their sex lives to others. Pamela holds the status of widows. Reportedly, this 42-year-old artist returned intimate with ex-husband Tommy Lee. Both were seen together at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. However, it was denied by Pamela. The artist admits she wants to marry again. And she was waiting for the right guy for her. "I want to marry again, but who would want with me? Mother of two children and has a slightly mad ex-husband was never far from me," she complained.