Varicose veins arising Due to Obesity? Question: I am 24 years old, overweight (150cm/57kg). First I became active in the martial arts group. After several months of inactivity, the shape of my body continues to expand. Especially in the abdomen, calves, and buttocks. Oddly enough, lately, in the thighs
and the back of my knee varicose veins appear. Is this due to obesity? In addition, to reduce body weight, Iet and
exercise what is right for me?

Actually, the appearance of varicose veins has nothing to do with obesity. State of
varicose veins can be triggered by several conditions, including prolonged standing. Varicose veins around the thigh can be prevented by putting a foot
higher than the head while sleeping. If unsuccessful, consult a physician surgeon
vascular (blood vessel). When viewed from the weight and height are specified, you are classified as overweight. To reduce excess weight, you can try a 1500 calorie diet. This diet is good enough for
you, and do not cause side effects, such as falling levels of hemoglobin (Hb) or
endurance. However, try not drastically drop weight, just 2-4 kg per month. With
reduced weight, the automatic calf and buttocks will shrink. Reduce fat intake as well (oil, coconut milk, and food is tasty) and sugar (sweets, soft
drinks, syrup, sweet tea). Eat small meals regularly. Breakfast absolute
implemented. When you feel weak in the diet, do light physical activity, such as
walking around your home or office.
Instead, make an easy but effective exercise to lose weight such as walking in the
morning, interspersed with jogging. Lower the intensity of jogging when you start gasping. Then continue with the 10-minute walk away, until
the total amount you exercise 45-60 minutes.

- Before eating, drink a glass
of water, then vegetables,
then rice and side dishes.
- Try to fall asleep 2 hours
after eating.
- Reduce the use of salt,
remove fat from meat,
drinking water was restricted.