Breastfeeding, Lower Diabetes Risk

does have a lot manafaat,
not only for the health of
babies but also mothers. In
addition to lowering the
risk of breast cancer,
breastfeeding can also
reduce the risk of type 2
That's according to
research by a team of
researchers from the
University of Pittsburgh.
The team conducted a
study of 2233 women aged
between 40 to 78 years. As
many as 56 percent of the
women had become
mothers and their babies
during breast-feeding at
least a month.
Then, known to exist for 27
percent of mothers do not
breastfeed. From the
results of the examination,
they were exposed to type
2 diabetes. Women who
are not breastfeeding the
risk of diabetes was two
times greater than women
who are breastfeeding or
never given birth.
"Breastfeeding can actually
reduce fat in the abdomen.
Diet and exercise is known
as an effective way to avoid
diabetes. But few people
know that breastfeeding
also reduces the risk of
diabetes," said Eleanor
Bimla Schwarz, MD,
Assistant Professor of
Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Pittsburgh, as
quoted from the Ny Daily
According to Schwarz,
nursing only a few weeks
can make significant
changes. "Our study
suggests another positive
reason to encourage
women to breastfeed their
children, at least during the
first month," says Schwarz.

Katie Price Junk Food Addiction

Katie Price Junk Food Addiction Diet sometimes makes us unable to enjoy your favorite foods. That is what was experienced by the reality show star Katie Price. For the sake of enjoying the hobby that is nothing but eating her favorite food is none other than fast food or the so- called junk food, Price willing to stop the diet program. Price even admitted that she had been addicted to junk food sold by McDonalds. SHe does not even matter if it weighs it will soar due to her hobby. "I eat like a pig. I really miss the McDonalds hamburger chicken also nuggetnya. I can not wait to enjoy it with a serving of fries and a large glass of milkshake," Price said.Katie Price Junk Food Addiction

Meat intake period Puberty Affect Children

Young women who consume lots of meat during childhood tend to
experience puberty earlier than their peers. British researchers in a
study comparing the diets of more than 3,000 girls aged 12 years. They found
that high meat consumption since the age of three years (more than
eight servings a week) and seven years of age (over 12 servings) is strongly
associated with the occurrence of menstruation early.

In fact, seven-year-old daughter with a high meat intake had 75 percent
higher chance of having periods than children with normal intake of meat.
The findings, published in Public Health Nutrition, said meat prepare the body
to speed up the pregnancy. Meat is a source of food
rich in iron and zinc which help create the chance of pregnancy. In addition to
triggering puberty faster, meat diet also increases them impact on obesity and
hormones. Early puberty in girls is associated with an increased risk of breast

Odds are, women produce the hormone estrogen is higher during
her life. Dr Ken Ong, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Medical Research Council,
said there has been a shift in the time of menstruation in women during the last century. "It (the time shift of menstruation) is not related to female body size
bigger, but due to the effects of body protein and hormone levels."

Applications "Healthy" Food Menu Translation

Washington DC: An
application of "healthy"
foods just to translate the
menu in other foreign
languages ​​into English, was
launched recently in
Washington DC, USA. This
application is able to
translate the text, with a
choice of the best
translations and registered.
Other information that is
image-making materials
and food are also included.
This application can be
used not only for mobile
phones, other portable
devices can access this
application. This unique
application is very useful
for medical, or for people
who want to diet but often
traveled to several places.
With this application, you
need not worry about the
type, or content of the
food has never tasted.
How, before entering a
foreign country, the user
must download the
configuration and database
language in the region.
Then continue by
downloading the
application interpreter that
Applications that have
been presented in July at
the IEEE International
Conference in Barcelona, ​​
Spain, this can work
without an internet
connection. You can just
type the name of the food
and a few seconds later
result would appear on the
screen your phone or
gadget. Not easy to lead a
healthy life.

This Menu The Astronaut World

This Menu The Astronaut World .China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei (44) write autobriografi titled 'The Nine Levels the between Heaven and Earth' or 'Nine Levels Among Khayangan and Earth'. In addition to expressing her experiences into space, Yang Liwei also reveals a surprising fact about the menu is not usual for Chinese astronauts. "Some of my friends wonder what we eat in outer space. They think the astronauts got the luxury foods such as shark fin or abalone," Liwei Yan writes in his book, such as pages loaded Telegraph, May 13, 2010. "In fact, we eat normal food, nothing secret." Yan Liwei then mention some of the foods in your diet, no boiled chicken, steamed fish, and meat from local dog Huajian, Guandong, China - known as high-nutrition in China. In the tradition of Chinese medicine, the dog from Huajian even believed to be more efficacious than ginseng. Dogs commonly eaten in China and are considered efficacious for the winter. Added Yang Liwei, a special diet designed nutritionist from China and prepared by special catering in Beijing. What about the American astronaut menu? For they also prepared a variety of menus such as beef enchiladas, lasagna, sweet and sour pork. NASA requires that food for the astronauts should be easy to prepare and easy to eat, have a low fat, low calorie, contains very little salt. Here's the menu for a Chinese astronaut in space (2009): Day One: Porridge Lotus root, tofu crispy flour, dengandaun onions, yellow fish, boiled pork ribs with seaweed, and spinach saute with chopped garlic. Day Two: spicy pork skin, boiled duck's neck, hairy crab cooked with ginger, spicy chicken hearts, pine nuts with sweet corn, and three-flavor soup. Day Three: poached egg in a sauce of sake rice, sausage Harbin, dog Huajiang, casserole baby squid, eel with green peppers, soy spicy dried tofu. Fruits such as apples, pears and oranges are served in every menu. Also rice, noodles, and sweet potatoes.

Drastic Weight Losses, Megan Fox Stop Diet

Los Angeles: For some people, being vegetarian is the best way to have a healthy body. However, this is not true for Megan Fox diet. As a result of applying a vegetarian lifestyle, the weight of this sexy actress shrunk to an alarming extent.

Previously, Fox only non- animal foods. Now she decided to stop as a vegetarian, and free to enjoy your favorite foods, including bread and coffee which has been a big taboo. "After a year and a half, I actually run a vegetarian lifestyle. But I've lost a lot of my weight. So, I eat whatever I want to eat," said Fox.

Four Unique Ways To Stay Slim

Surely you
already know that to get a
slim body the key is a
balanced diet and regular
. If you are
currently difficult to do so,
there are other ways that
can be taken.
This makes it fairly easy to
do and can help you
control your desire to eat
and maintain body weight
to remain stable. Want to
know how? Just follow the
four following trick, as
reported from
1. Use a small plate
Choose a smaller plate can
help you shrink the waist.
That's because people tend
to automatically comply
with a plate of food based
on their size. The bigger the
dish you use, then it could
be the more food you
Try to get used to eating
with a smaller plate. Select
is also a shallow bowl and
not the inside. You may be
eating less food, without
even trying and knowing it.
2. 'Show off' fresh fruit
Research shows we tend to
eat something if we visually
'reminded' and look
attractive. So 'show off'
fresh fruit in a fruit platter
beautiful design.
Put in place regular area to
relax, so you better take it
easy. Choose fruits that are
attractive colors such as
bananas, mangoes, apples
or oranges. This trick makes
you eat more fruit, which
was instrumental to
maintaining weight loss.
3. Create a spice rack
looks interesting
Boredom and a sense of a
bad diet is the reason
people do not consistently
eat healthy foods. One way
around this is to add spice
in each dish.
So you do not forget to
always add it, make it look
more attractive spice rack.
Place in containers and
place in the beautiful area
that are easy to reach.
4. Paint soft
The study revealed that the
paint color kitchen or
dining room can help you
eat less. Why?
Research shows that the
brightly colored space, such
as red and yellow, can
stimulate you to eat faster.
While the soft can help you
slow down. In fact, chewing
food more slowly can help
you eat less and relieve
digestive system works.

Adverse Effects Diet Program

Diet or weight loss
programs are either health.
But, there are also negative
impacts, especially
psychologically and
physiologically. Here I try to
summarize the article in
mid-August and Fitsugar:
1. Hunger
Certainly! When dieting,
fasting or other weight loss
programs, levels of the
hormone Ghrelin (hunger)
will increase. Relax, this is
an automatic survival
mechanism your body. Just
how clever we deal with a
set schedule of regular
meals and portions to
2. Sensitive
The point? Yes, those who
are dieting are more
emotional and irritable.
This can sometimes
undermine the purpose.
Good intentions are pure
temptation can be
defeated. Condition:
Teguhkan Establishment!
Because like the proverb
says: Bringing Passion
3. 4L
What tuh 4L? Weak, weary,
Weary and Tired. Diet
program is run it will make
the weak and lethargic and
easily tired and fatigued.
For that accompanied the
diet with fruits and
vegetables that are rich in
anti oxidants as well as the
body needs multivitamins.
Congratulations to lose
weight, yes, hopefully able
to face the terrible effects
and success!

Five Movements Fitness Exercise For Sex

Sex is a physical
activity that requires a lot
of energy. To that end, for
those who want to have a
satisfying sex life, need to
increase stamina by diligent
Some of the sports
movement can evoke girah
sex with your partner.
These exercises not only
form the body healthy and
beautiful, but also able to
improve the quality of sex
Here are some of the
sports movement that will
help you to hone your
skills in bed, as quoted by
the Times of India:
Movement of push-ups
help to strengthen the
arms, shoulders and
abdominal muscles. This
sport gives a big change in
life seks.Membentuk a sexy
stomach and make you
look more physically
attractive. Have a strong
stomach is very useful to
men, especially when doing
a sex position on top.
When doing squats, a lot of
muscles that move and
produce large amounts of
hormones. Squats improve
one's physical strength and
stamina of the gluteus
muscles and upper leg so it
helps to enhance sexual
Bench press
Perform movements such
as bench press, helping to
strengthen the chest
muscles and shoulders. This
movement could form the
muscles of the chest to
gain a more unbiased and
tight. For men, this
movement can increase the
power so they will not
quickly tired when having
sex with a partner.
Cardio exercises that can be
done ie aerobics, running
or swimming. Doing cardio-
vascular exercise helps
improve blood circulation
in the body.
Blood flow and circulation
of good help to build
excitement, which is
especially important for
men. Doing cardio is also
helps release endorphins in
the brain, known as the
happy hormone.
Doing Kegel exercises can
help make a tremendous
difference in your sex life.
Pubococcygeal muscle is
also known as the PC
muscle is the muscle that is
used to resist the urge to
urinate, or pee in the
middle holding.
If done regularly by men,
Kegel exercises will help
them to control the
muscles that contract
during ejaculation and the
effect can prolong
ejaculation. While women,
doing Kegel exercises will
help gain control of the
muscles of the vagina, so
they can get greater sexual

Best For Body Fat

Fat is always considered 'the enemy' for a diet that is running the program. But the fact is, you can not live without fat. That's because along with protein and carbohydrates, fat is a source of energy. Indeed, there is a type of fat consumption should be restricted because it can increase the risk of heart disease. To that end, it is important to know the three categories of body fat, as reported from 1. Saturated Fat Saturated fats are fats that arguably was not too bad. Meat is the main source of saturated fat, which is also found in dairy products. Too much saturated fat levels in the body, can trigger constriction of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. 2. Unsaturated fats Unsaturated fats are best for body fat, and you must consume. Unsaturated fats are generally divided into two categories, namely monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fish, corn oil, olive oil, sesame seeds and hazelnuts are the foodstuffs that contain a high unsaturated fat. While fatty fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fat is not like the type of fat found in meat. Always include fish in your diet. That's because omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and also slows the growth of plaque in arteries throughout the body and inflammation in the body. 3. Trans fats This is the type of fat that should be avoided, that is also called trans fat. Is the result of the hydrogenation process of vegetable oils. Take it in excess can increase bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol in the blood. Thus, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Recipes Body Beautiful Eva Mendes

Actress Eva Mendes won the title as the sexiest woman in the world. However, she was addressing that title with ease. Eva admitted she was proud of its title. "I thank you and move on. And you know what? I prefer to be an Oscar," said Eva Mendes as quoted from Showbizspy, Monday, May 10, 2010. However, this Latin- blooded woman remains grateful for what she had and get current. 36-year- old woman was also determined to keep the beauty of the body was diligently exercising and eating healthy. Not only that, Eva did not want to diet and see her body become emaciated. SHe claimed more pleased with her dense and contain. "I do not do diets. I eat what I like," she said. Eva also share recipes for her to always look beautiful and sexy. SHe always tried to enjoy her life with a relaxing and carefree. "I'm happy with what I got," she said.

Jessica Simpson Want Breast Surgery

Jessica Simpson is considering to perform plastic surgery on the breasts. Jessica decision for plastic surgery not to enlarge the chest is like any other artist. On the contrary, Jessica wanted to minimize the size of the breast. It would be a singer who is also an actress on the eve of her wedding day with her fiance, Eric Johnson. Jessica was uncomfortable with the size of her breasts. SHe feels confident, with breast reduction surgery, her body shape would be more proportional. And she also will look perfect when wearing a wedding dress later. "sHe never liked having a big chest," the source told Touch Weekly magazine, as quoted by the Times of India, Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Jessica claimed since attending elementary school, she was annoyed with the chest part. In fact, she had wept for it. "I am the first girl in class who wore a bra. I remember I cried in the bathtub because all my friends are very skinny," recalls Jessica. Ahead of her wedding, Jessica decided to undergo weight-loss program. SHe was having problems with her weight continues to climb. Jessica underwent a strict diet and exercise routine. "I was always dancing in my room and hope I lose weight," she said.

Seven Foods This Powerful Lower Cholesterol

Lebaran is over,
but the effects of fatty
foods and high cholesterol
are still haunting. To lower
cholesterol levels in the
body that rises due to
overdo foods typical
widths, you can work
around this by consuming
the following foods.
1. Garlic
Eat garlic and a half to one
clove a day in stages over a
month to lose 9 percent of
the body's cholesterol
levels. However, make sure
you pay attention to the
dose due to eating too
much garlic is not good for
the body
such as diarrhea, fever,
inflammation and even
One of the most powerful
anti-cholesterol agent in
garlic is ajoene. These
substances can prevent
blood clotting. Research
conducted by the Center
for Drug Research at
Tagore Medical College,
India, in 1981 proved that
garlic raw or processed to
reduce blood clotting in
heart patients.
2. Tempe
Not only the content of
isoflavones in them are
capable of lowering
cholesterol levels. The
content of niacin is 5 times
more than any soy can
lower cholesterol levels in
your body.
3. Fish
Fish are rich in unsaturated
fatty acids omega3 form
that is not only capable of
lowering blood cholesterol
levels, but also prevent
blood clotting.
4. Tea
EGCG (epigallocatechin
gallate), bioactive
components in tea shown
to prevent the acceleration
of the oxidation of bad
cholesterol. Thus, blockage
of blood vessels can be
5. Avocado
This fruit including fruit
filling because the high fat
content. But make no
mistake, avocado justrtu fat
can lower cholesterol
because it contains
unsaturated fat is good for
the body.
6. Apple
Apples are a fruit saah rich
in anti oxidants and vitamin
C. In addition, the skin also
contains apple pectin
which is soluble fiber in the
body of a potent
cholesterol lowering.
7. Blueberry
The results are disclosed at
the American Chemical
Society says that a
component in blueberries
pterostilbene capable of
stimulating a receptor
protein in the cell. In
another study, substance
pterostilbene also claimed
to treat cancer and

Disease Detection Through Color and Odor Urine

Los Angeles: The color and specific smell in the urine can be signs of a number of diseases, ranging from infections to cancer. Analysis of the urine to determine the condition of health, through a process called "urinalysis". The process is performed to determine the substances contained in urine. That is why doctors often ask patients to do a urine test even though the patient has no complaints relating to the urine. Passing urine, the doctor can find out various things that occur in the body. Differences in color and smell of urine can be influenced to various factors ranging from the usual things, like food and medicine, until the extraordinary things such as infection or cancer. For example, reddish urine must be wary of. "If there is blood in the urine, although only once, see a doctor," said Marshall Stoller, professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco. "It could not sign anything, but it could be an early indication of kidney stones or even cancer." Red-colored urine is not the only sign of danger. "Sometimes there is also the urine the color of Coca Cola beverages," said Stoller. Colors that can arise because of old blood from a tumor or kidney stones, or blood clots in the kidney that usually occurs in people who suffer from sickle cell, an inherited blood disorder that make normal blood cells metamorphose into such a crescent moon. Liver damage can also cause urine color became brown, as well as porphyria, one form of congenital blood disorders. But not forever dark urine is a sign of danger. Too much eating fava beans or klembak can also cause urine is dark brown or black. Too much eating bits or black berries can cause the urine red or pink. Certain laxatives can also change the color of urine is so red. Orange-colored urine may indicate a person has been taking painkillers containing Phenazopyridine. While mehylene blue, a drug commonly used for bladder problems, can cause blue or green urine. Consumption of water- soluble vitamin that is too much can cause the urine bright yellow. Urine that smells sweet like maple syrup is an indication of disease "maple syrup urine", occurs because the body's inability to digest certain amino acids. This condition usually occurs in infants and followed up with a specific diet, which should begin as early as possible to avoid brain damage and other problems. In some countries, every baby is tested to detect the disease. Sweet smelling urine can also indicate diabetes, caused by high blood sugar levels. In addition to affecting the smell of sugar, which dissolves in urine also causes the urine to be sweet flavor. Urine consists of a healthy metabolic waste product remaining yellow water- soluble. The more water we consume, the yellow color of the urine will be more faded. Conversely, if urine is dark yellow then it indicates we are not drinking or dehydration. Do not consider this a trivial dehydration, because it can cause kidney problems and conditions of other organs. Adults are advised to drink around 1.5 liters per day. The more sweat is released, the more water should be consumed.

Victoria Beckham Ideal Body After Childbirth

Victoria Beckham Ideal Body After Childbirth than two months after giving birth to her fourth child, Harper Seven, Victoria Beckham to appear in public with a super slim body. Victoria Beckham Ideal Body After Childbirth Not only that, a back injury in the suffering did not matter to her. SHe is still trying to come up with its flagship high- heeled shoes. Victoria Beckham was seen shopping in Los Angeles with my dear husband and children by using leather pants, black tank top and high heels adorned with Louboutins. According to people close to this posh spice girl, Victoria's body was returned to her original size. "I never thought he had passed through the size 2 when pregnant," she told Hollyscoop. Reportedly, Victoria suffered a back injury during pregnancy, her baby daughter. But it seems that she recovered quickly from the pain. Previously, it was rumored that Victoria would wear flat shoes at New York Fashion Week. However, all this was indisputable as her recovery. Even 37 years this woman had told the public via twitter account, "I feel better and enjoy every minute with the baby Harper. I am so in love. " Many people who criticize this mother of four children for keeping in shape during your pregnancy size 0. However, the probe into the history of her pregnancy, she did not look fat in other areas of her body other than in the abdominal area. Other celebrities who easily back into shape after giving birth is Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie.

Are you Dehydrated?

In addition to
food, water also is a
nutrient essential for life to
live healthy and active.
However, sometimes a lot
of people often forget the
need for water as the
fulfillment of the needs of
food, but food is not only
food but also include
Due to the neglect of
needs of drinking water,
many people unwittingly
become dehydrated
causing negative health
problems. Even
experienced dehydration
has reached levels that
cause chronic mild body
work function does not run
normally. This is what often
makes the body feel
drained of energy and
"Water is an essential
nutrient for the body,
because almost all
metabolic processes and
systems in the body needs
water," said Chairman of
the PP Medical Association
Physician Nutrition
Indonesia, Dr. Rachmi
Untoro in Press Conference
Symposium on "Hydration
and Health" at Hotel Sahid
Jaya, Jakarta, Sunday,
March 21, 2010.
Rachmi said, in a day for
adults need more than two
liters of water per day as
the eligibility of nutrients
the body needs to perform
its functions, especially to
regulate life processes.
However, sometimes a lot
of people do not realize
that he was dehydrated. To
prevent dehydration,
currently no practical way
to tell if you're dehydrated
or not. An easy way to find
out a person's hydration
status simply by checking
the color of urine is
released, it has been
recommended by PDGMI
and has been named PURI
(own urine examination).
If the urine is pale yellow
color and not smell like
lemonade diluted, showed
a good hydration status.
But when the orange-
yellow urine, like apple
juice with strong odors, it
indicates the need to drink
more fluids in the body to
stay balanced.
Here's a guide to your way
of doing PURI to mengeceh
hydration level:
1. All types of urine can be
used, just not when I wake
up in the morning urine
2.Paling ideal use of mid-
stream urine, the urine
comes out in the middle
when you urinate
3. Absorb sufficient
amounts of urine in a clean
white and translucent, then
compare the color of urine
is the color chart in
accordance with posters
and stickers distributed
4. Do a comparison of
color under fluorescent
lighting or sunlight. Avoid
this urine examined under
the light yellow or other
colors because it can make
checks to be biased
5. Do not forget the color
of urine is also affected by
drugs or certain dietary
"Was developed by Prof.
PURI. Armstrong sports
medicine experts from the
United States. The
invention has been used in
several major sporting
events like the Olympics in
Beijing and Athens, "said

Fitness Secrets Wayne Rooney's

club Manchester United's star player is always first class delivery. Call it the last few years, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney last.

Being a football with one class label certainly does not just appear. There are
stages and hard work to go through the player.

Wayne Rooney for example, the main striker for England lately become the talk of the British public. Rooney was transformed into a phenomenal player when he could be a key victory at MU important parties.

First British public more familiar with Rooney as a young child and
tempramental stunned when in the field. However, this time Rooney seemed to be the backbone to the MU.

"He always has a great natural stamina, he was blessed in that regard.
Rooney can play as a midfielder," said Sir Alex Ferguson as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

Fantastic indeed, during his career in the Premier League Rooney has scored 100 goals. Maturity as the attacker is also evident in this season by becoming
the top scorer in the Premier League to 20 goals this weekend.

What is the secret Rooney? preparation and maintain stamina when outside the
field. That is the key to, Rooney. Rooney when I was younger always eat high-fat foods.

Menu lists the food is always eaten Rooney's like beans, sausages and snacks such as chips. As a result, his body fat. Viewing habits Rooney, an MU staff suggested that he could go on a diet to lose weight.

Rooney's habits changed now, after the game Rooney was always
swimming. So what food? chicken salad and eat meat
in moderation.

In addition to dietary changes, Rooney also busy with sports activities.
Fitness, that was his daily exercise in addition to playing football in order to
maintain fitness.

"We feel he's the best and he has the strength, energy and courage among other
players," said Ferguson.

Fell 50 Kg Thanks to "Hypnosis Diet"

Kim Robinshaw, 31, felt her body more healthy after losing weight by 50 kilograms. Women who initially weighed 133 pounds it was successful in reducing body fat through the method of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis made her think just doing stomach reduction surgery. "Hypnotherapy will only make you feel like having a belly the size of a fist," said Robinshaw, as quoted by the Daily Mail. With confidence like that, Robinshaw better able to control food intake. SHe ate only liquid foods such as yogurt for breakfast, and soup for lunch. While the evenings, she often did not eat because it was already full. "If forced to eat too much, I would feel sick, when in fact my body was not in pain." During the nine months of therapy, it's weight chart looks very good. "The result was incredible, and I still want to lose weight a little more," said the woman from Lanchashire, England, that. So as not to disrupt the influence of hypnosis, she deliberately hid 'virtual surgery' from the people around. SHe just told the mother and father who always supported it. "And when people are aware of changes both in the body, I just tell stories. I think that already have 10 friends who are interested to contact my doctor," said Robinshaw. SHe visited a specialist hypnotherapist, Andrew Nelson, in October last year. It costs £ 275 or almost Rp 4 million in a single visit. Uncontrollable appetite after receiving hormone injections endometriosis suffered from the disease in 2006. Kim went to hypnotherapy expert after being frustrated with the various ways of slimming body was fruitless. "This method allows clients to periodically lose weight safely. But, every client has different problems and needs," said Andrew.

Slender with Omega 3

The latest research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent obesity. A study conducted in November 2008 found that someone who is overweight or obese, and have a high omega 3 content in the blood tend to eat less and consume fewer calories. It can happen because the foods that contain omega 3 makes a person full longer. Research also shows omega 3 can improve the body's metabolism, meaning the body's ability to burn fat will increase. Moreover, not only have an impact on weight loss, omega 3 is also very good for the brain and heart health. Omega-3 diet, could also protect the liver from damage and reduces the trigger insulin resistance, with lipidnya content. And high blood insulin levels in the body can also be lowered by omega 3. It can prevent cardiovascular disease. Much omega-3 acids found in fish oil, salmon and marine fish share. It is advisable to consume at least two servings of fish each week. If you do not like fish, get omega 3 from plant materials, such as olive oil, walnuts, eggs, or low-fat milk. It would be better if you always meet the needs of omega-3 fatty acids every day. Not only that but also more slender body more healthy.arch suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent obesity. A study conducted in November 2008 found that someone who is overweight or obese, and have a high omega 3 content in the blood tend to eat less and consume fewer calories. It can happen because the foods that contain omega 3 makes a person full longer. Research also shows omega 3 can improve the body's metabolism, meaning the body's ability to burn fat will increase. Moreover, not only have an impact on weight loss, omega 3 is also very good for the brain and heart health. Omega-3 diet, could also protect the liver from damage and reduces the trigger insulin resistance, with lipidnya content. And high blood insulin levels in the body can also be lowered by omega 3. It can prevent cardiovascular disease. Much omega-3 acids found in fish oil, salmon and marine fish share. It is advisable to consume at least two servings of fish each week. If you do not like fish, get omega 3 from plant materials, such as olive oil, walnuts, eggs, or low-fat milk. It would be better if you always meet the needs of omega-3 fatty acids every day. Not only that but also more slender body more healthy.