Diet or weight loss
programs are either health.
But, there are also negative
impacts, especially
psychologically and
physiologically. Here I try to
summarize the article in
mid-August and Fitsugar:
1. Hunger
Certainly! When dieting,
fasting or other weight loss
programs, levels of the
hormone Ghrelin (hunger)
will increase. Relax, this is
an automatic survival
mechanism your body. Just
how clever we deal with a
set schedule of regular
meals and portions to
2. Sensitive
The point? Yes, those who
are dieting are more
emotional and irritable.
This can sometimes
undermine the purpose.
Good intentions are pure
temptation can be
defeated. Condition:
Teguhkan Establishment!
Because like the proverb
says: Bringing Passion
3. 4L
What tuh 4L? Weak, weary,
Weary and Tired. Diet
program is run it will make
the weak and lethargic and
easily tired and fatigued.
For that accompanied the
diet with fruits and
vegetables that are rich in
anti oxidants as well as the
body needs multivitamins.
Congratulations to lose
weight, yes, hopefully able
to face the terrible effects
and success!