Washington DC: An
application of "healthy"
foods just to translate the
menu in other foreign
languages ​​into English, was
launched recently in
Washington DC, USA. This
application is able to
translate the text, with a
choice of the best
translations and registered.
Other information that is
image-making materials
and food are also included.
This application can be
used not only for mobile
phones, other portable
devices can access this
application. This unique
application is very useful
for medical, or for people
who want to diet but often
traveled to several places.
With this application, you
need not worry about the
type, or content of the
food has never tasted.
How, before entering a
foreign country, the user
must download the
configuration and database
language in the region.
Then continue by
downloading the
application interpreter that
Applications that have
been presented in July at
the IEEE International
Conference in Barcelona, ​​
Spain, this can work
without an internet
connection. You can just
type the name of the food
and a few seconds later
result would appear on the
screen your phone or
gadget. Not easy to lead a
healthy life.