In addition to
food, water also is a
nutrient essential for life to
live healthy and active.
However, sometimes a lot
of people often forget the
need for water as the
fulfillment of the needs of
food, but food is not only
food but also include
Due to the neglect of
needs of drinking water,
many people unwittingly
become dehydrated
causing negative health
problems. Even
experienced dehydration
has reached levels that
cause chronic mild body
work function does not run
normally. This is what often
makes the body feel
drained of energy and
"Water is an essential
nutrient for the body,
because almost all
metabolic processes and
systems in the body needs
water," said Chairman of
the PP Medical Association
Physician Nutrition
Indonesia, Dr. Rachmi
Untoro in Press Conference
Symposium on "Hydration
and Health" at Hotel Sahid
Jaya, Jakarta, Sunday,
March 21, 2010.
Rachmi said, in a day for
adults need more than two
liters of water per day as
the eligibility of nutrients
the body needs to perform
its functions, especially to
regulate life processes.
However, sometimes a lot
of people do not realize
that he was dehydrated. To
prevent dehydration,
currently no practical way
to tell if you're dehydrated
or not. An easy way to find
out a person's hydration
status simply by checking
the color of urine is
released, it has been
recommended by PDGMI
and has been named PURI
(own urine examination).
If the urine is pale yellow
color and not smell like
lemonade diluted, showed
a good hydration status.
But when the orange-
yellow urine, like apple
juice with strong odors, it
indicates the need to drink
more fluids in the body to
stay balanced.
Here's a guide to your way
of doing PURI to mengeceh
hydration level:
1. All types of urine can be
used, just not when I wake
up in the morning urine
2.Paling ideal use of mid-
stream urine, the urine
comes out in the middle
when you urinate
3. Absorb sufficient
amounts of urine in a clean
white and translucent, then
compare the color of urine
is the color chart in
accordance with posters
and stickers distributed
4. Do a comparison of
color under fluorescent
lighting or sunlight. Avoid
this urine examined under
the light yellow or other
colors because it can make
checks to be biased
5. Do not forget the color
of urine is also affected by
drugs or certain dietary
"Was developed by Prof.
PURI. Armstrong sports
medicine experts from the
United States. The
invention has been used in
several major sporting
events like the Olympics in
Beijing and Athens, "said