does have a lot manafaat,
not only for the health of
babies but also mothers. In
addition to lowering the
risk of breast cancer,
breastfeeding can also
reduce the risk of type 2
That's according to
research by a team of
researchers from the
University of Pittsburgh.
The team conducted a
study of 2233 women aged
between 40 to 78 years. As
many as 56 percent of the
women had become
mothers and their babies
during breast-feeding at
least a month.
Then, known to exist for 27
percent of mothers do not
breastfeed. From the
results of the examination,
they were exposed to type
2 diabetes. Women who
are not breastfeeding the
risk of diabetes was two
times greater than women
who are breastfeeding or
never given birth.
"Breastfeeding can actually
reduce fat in the abdomen.
Diet and exercise is known
as an effective way to avoid
diabetes. But few people
know that breastfeeding
also reduces the risk of
diabetes," said Eleanor
Bimla Schwarz, MD,
Assistant Professor of
Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Pittsburgh, as
quoted from the Ny Daily
According to Schwarz,
nursing only a few weeks
can make significant
changes. "Our study
suggests another positive
reason to encourage
women to breastfeed their
children, at least during the
first month," says Schwarz.