Los Angeles: The color and specific smell in the urine can be signs of a number of diseases, ranging from infections to cancer. Analysis of the urine to determine the condition of health, through a process called "urinalysis". The process is performed to determine the substances contained in urine. That is why doctors often ask patients to do a urine test even though the patient has no complaints relating to the urine. Passing urine, the doctor can find out various things that occur in the body. Differences in color and smell of urine can be influenced to various factors ranging from the usual things, like food and medicine, until the extraordinary things such as infection or cancer. For example, reddish urine must be wary of. "If there is blood in the urine, although only once, see a doctor," said Marshall Stoller, professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco. "It could not sign anything, but it could be an early indication of kidney stones or even cancer." Red-colored urine is not the only sign of danger. "Sometimes there is also the urine the color of Coca Cola beverages," said Stoller. Colors that can arise because of old blood from a tumor or kidney stones, or blood clots in the kidney that usually occurs in people who suffer from sickle cell, an inherited blood disorder that make normal blood cells metamorphose into such a crescent moon. Liver damage can also cause urine color became brown, as well as porphyria, one form of congenital blood disorders. But not forever dark urine is a sign of danger. Too much eating fava beans or klembak can also cause urine is dark brown or black. Too much eating bits or black berries can cause the urine red or pink. Certain laxatives can also change the color of urine is so red. Orange-colored urine may indicate a person has been taking painkillers containing Phenazopyridine. While mehylene blue, a drug commonly used for bladder problems, can cause blue or green urine. Consumption of water- soluble vitamin that is too much can cause the urine bright yellow. Urine that smells sweet like maple syrup is an indication of disease "maple syrup urine", occurs because the body's inability to digest certain amino acids. This condition usually occurs in infants and followed up with a specific diet, which should begin as early as possible to avoid brain damage and other problems. In some countries, every baby is tested to detect the disease. Sweet smelling urine can also indicate diabetes, caused by high blood sugar levels. In addition to affecting the smell of sugar, which dissolves in urine also causes the urine to be sweet flavor. Urine consists of a healthy metabolic waste product remaining yellow water- soluble. The more water we consume, the yellow color of the urine will be more faded. Conversely, if urine is dark yellow then it indicates we are not drinking or dehydration. Do not consider this a trivial dehydration, because it can cause kidney problems and conditions of other organs. Adults are advised to drink around 1.5 liters per day. The more sweat is released, the more water should be consumed.