Kim Robinshaw, 31, felt her body more healthy after losing weight by 50 kilograms. Women who initially weighed 133 pounds it was successful in reducing body fat through the method of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis made her think just doing stomach reduction surgery. "Hypnotherapy will only make you feel like having a belly the size of a fist," said Robinshaw, as quoted by the Daily Mail. With confidence like that, Robinshaw better able to control food intake. SHe ate only liquid foods such as yogurt for breakfast, and soup for lunch. While the evenings, she often did not eat because it was already full. "If forced to eat too much, I would feel sick, when in fact my body was not in pain." During the nine months of therapy, it's weight chart looks very good. "The result was incredible, and I still want to lose weight a little more," said the woman from Lanchashire, England, that. So as not to disrupt the influence of hypnosis, she deliberately hid 'virtual surgery' from the people around. SHe just told the mother and father who always supported it. "And when people are aware of changes both in the body, I just tell stories. I think that already have 10 friends who are interested to contact my doctor," said Robinshaw. SHe visited a specialist hypnotherapist, Andrew Nelson, in October last year. It costs £ 275 or almost Rp 4 million in a single visit. Uncontrollable appetite after receiving hormone injections endometriosis suffered from the disease in 2006. Kim went to hypnotherapy expert after being frustrated with the various ways of slimming body was fruitless. "This method allows clients to periodically lose weight safely. But, every client has different problems and needs," said Andrew.