club Manchester United's star player is always first class delivery. Call it the last few years, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney last.

Being a football with one class label certainly does not just appear. There are
stages and hard work to go through the player.

Wayne Rooney for example, the main striker for England lately become the talk of the British public. Rooney was transformed into a phenomenal player when he could be a key victory at MU important parties.

First British public more familiar with Rooney as a young child and
tempramental stunned when in the field. However, this time Rooney seemed to be the backbone to the MU.

"He always has a great natural stamina, he was blessed in that regard.
Rooney can play as a midfielder," said Sir Alex Ferguson as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

Fantastic indeed, during his career in the Premier League Rooney has scored 100 goals. Maturity as the attacker is also evident in this season by becoming
the top scorer in the Premier League to 20 goals this weekend.

What is the secret Rooney? preparation and maintain stamina when outside the
field. That is the key to, Rooney. Rooney when I was younger always eat high-fat foods.

Menu lists the food is always eaten Rooney's like beans, sausages and snacks such as chips. As a result, his body fat. Viewing habits Rooney, an MU staff suggested that he could go on a diet to lose weight.

Rooney's habits changed now, after the game Rooney was always
swimming. So what food? chicken salad and eat meat
in moderation.

In addition to dietary changes, Rooney also busy with sports activities.
Fitness, that was his daily exercise in addition to playing football in order to
maintain fitness.

"We feel he's the best and he has the strength, energy and courage among other
players," said Ferguson.