Sex is a physical
activity that requires a lot
of energy. To that end, for
those who want to have a
satisfying sex life, need to
increase stamina by diligent
Some of the sports
movement can evoke girah
sex with your partner.
These exercises not only
form the body healthy and
beautiful, but also able to
improve the quality of sex
Here are some of the
sports movement that will
help you to hone your
skills in bed, as quoted by
the Times of India:
Movement of push-ups
help to strengthen the
arms, shoulders and
abdominal muscles. This
sport gives a big change in
life seks.Membentuk a sexy
stomach and make you
look more physically
attractive. Have a strong
stomach is very useful to
men, especially when doing
a sex position on top.
When doing squats, a lot of
muscles that move and
produce large amounts of
hormones. Squats improve
one's physical strength and
stamina of the gluteus
muscles and upper leg so it
helps to enhance sexual
Bench press
Perform movements such
as bench press, helping to
strengthen the chest
muscles and shoulders. This
movement could form the
muscles of the chest to
gain a more unbiased and
tight. For men, this
movement can increase the
power so they will not
quickly tired when having
sex with a partner.
Cardio exercises that can be
done ie aerobics, running
or swimming. Doing cardio-
vascular exercise helps
improve blood circulation
in the body.
Blood flow and circulation
of good help to build
excitement, which is
especially important for
men. Doing cardio is also
helps release endorphins in
the brain, known as the
happy hormone.
Doing Kegel exercises can
help make a tremendous
difference in your sex life.
Pubococcygeal muscle is
also known as the PC
muscle is the muscle that is
used to resist the urge to
urinate, or pee in the
middle holding.
If done regularly by men,
Kegel exercises will help
them to control the
muscles that contract
during ejaculation and the
effect can prolong
ejaculation. While women,
doing Kegel exercises will
help gain control of the
muscles of the vagina, so
they can get greater sexual