Surely you
already know that to get a
slim body the key is a
balanced diet and regular
. If you are
currently difficult to do so,
there are other ways that
can be taken.
This makes it fairly easy to
do and can help you
control your desire to eat
and maintain body weight
to remain stable. Want to
know how? Just follow the
four following trick, as
reported from
1. Use a small plate
Choose a smaller plate can
help you shrink the waist.
That's because people tend
to automatically comply
with a plate of food based
on their size. The bigger the
dish you use, then it could
be the more food you
Try to get used to eating
with a smaller plate. Select
is also a shallow bowl and
not the inside. You may be
eating less food, without
even trying and knowing it.
2. 'Show off' fresh fruit
Research shows we tend to
eat something if we visually
'reminded' and look
attractive. So 'show off'
fresh fruit in a fruit platter
beautiful design.
Put in place regular area to
relax, so you better take it
easy. Choose fruits that are
attractive colors such as
bananas, mangoes, apples
or oranges. This trick makes
you eat more fruit, which
was instrumental to
maintaining weight loss.
3. Create a spice rack
looks interesting
Boredom and a sense of a
bad diet is the reason
people do not consistently
eat healthy foods. One way
around this is to add spice
in each dish.
So you do not forget to
always add it, make it look
more attractive spice rack.
Place in containers and
place in the beautiful area
that are easy to reach.
4. Paint soft
The study revealed that the
paint color kitchen or
dining room can help you
eat less. Why?
Research shows that the
brightly colored space, such
as red and yellow, can
stimulate you to eat faster.
While the soft can help you
slow down. In fact, chewing
food more slowly can help
you eat less and relieve
digestive system works.