Jessica Simpson is considering to perform plastic surgery on the breasts. Jessica decision for plastic surgery not to enlarge the chest is like any other artist. On the contrary, Jessica wanted to minimize the size of the breast. It would be a singer who is also an actress on the eve of her wedding day with her fiance, Eric Johnson. Jessica was uncomfortable with the size of her breasts. SHe feels confident, with breast reduction surgery, her body shape would be more proportional. And she also will look perfect when wearing a wedding dress later. "sHe never liked having a big chest," the source told Touch Weekly magazine, as quoted by the Times of India, Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Jessica claimed since attending elementary school, she was annoyed with the chest part. In fact, she had wept for it. "I am the first girl in class who wore a bra. I remember I cried in the bathtub because all my friends are very skinny," recalls Jessica. Ahead of her wedding, Jessica decided to undergo weight-loss program. SHe was having problems with her weight continues to climb. Jessica underwent a strict diet and exercise routine. "I was always dancing in my room and hope I lose weight," she said.