Young women who consume lots of meat during childhood tend to
experience puberty earlier than their peers. British researchers in a
study comparing the diets of more than 3,000 girls aged 12 years. They found
that high meat consumption since the age of three years (more than
eight servings a week) and seven years of age (over 12 servings) is strongly
associated with the occurrence of menstruation early.

In fact, seven-year-old daughter with a high meat intake had 75 percent
higher chance of having periods than children with normal intake of meat.
The findings, published in Public Health Nutrition, said meat prepare the body
to speed up the pregnancy. Meat is a source of food
rich in iron and zinc which help create the chance of pregnancy. In addition to
triggering puberty faster, meat diet also increases them impact on obesity and
hormones. Early puberty in girls is associated with an increased risk of breast

Odds are, women produce the hormone estrogen is higher during
her life. Dr Ken Ong, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Medical Research Council,
said there has been a shift in the time of menstruation in women during the last century. "It (the time shift of menstruation) is not related to female body size
bigger, but due to the effects of body protein and hormone levels."