Actress Eva Mendes won the title as the sexiest woman in the world. However, she was addressing that title with ease. Eva admitted she was proud of its title. "I thank you and move on. And you know what? I prefer to be an Oscar," said Eva Mendes as quoted from Showbizspy, Monday, May 10, 2010. However, this Latin- blooded woman remains grateful for what she had and get current. 36-year- old woman was also determined to keep the beauty of the body was diligently exercising and eating healthy. Not only that, Eva did not want to diet and see her body become emaciated. SHe claimed more pleased with her dense and contain. "I do not do diets. I eat what I like," she said. Eva also share recipes for her to always look beautiful and sexy. SHe always tried to enjoy her life with a relaxing and carefree. "I'm happy with what I got," she said.