Lebaran is over,
but the effects of fatty
foods and high cholesterol
are still haunting. To lower
cholesterol levels in the
body that rises due to
overdo foods typical
widths, you can work
around this by consuming
the following foods.
1. Garlic
Eat garlic and a half to one
clove a day in stages over a
month to lose 9 percent of
the body's cholesterol
levels. However, make sure
you pay attention to the
dose due to eating too
much garlic is not good for
the body
such as diarrhea, fever,
inflammation and even
One of the most powerful
anti-cholesterol agent in
garlic is ajoene. These
substances can prevent
blood clotting. Research
conducted by the Center
for Drug Research at
Tagore Medical College,
India, in 1981 proved that
garlic raw or processed to
reduce blood clotting in
heart patients.
2. Tempe
Not only the content of
isoflavones in them are
capable of lowering
cholesterol levels. The
content of niacin is 5 times
more than any soy can
lower cholesterol levels in
your body.
3. Fish
Fish are rich in unsaturated
fatty acids omega3 form
that is not only capable of
lowering blood cholesterol
levels, but also prevent
blood clotting.
4. Tea
EGCG (epigallocatechin
gallate), bioactive
components in tea shown
to prevent the acceleration
of the oxidation of bad
cholesterol. Thus, blockage
of blood vessels can be
5. Avocado
This fruit including fruit
filling because the high fat
content. But make no
mistake, avocado justrtu fat
can lower cholesterol
because it contains
unsaturated fat is good for
the body.
6. Apple
Apples are a fruit saah rich
in anti oxidants and vitamin
C. In addition, the skin also
contains apple pectin
which is soluble fiber in the
body of a potent
cholesterol lowering.
7. Blueberry
The results are disclosed at
the American Chemical
Society says that a
component in blueberries
pterostilbene capable of
stimulating a receptor
protein in the cell. In
another study, substance
pterostilbene also claimed
to treat cancer and