This Menu The Astronaut World .China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei (44) write autobriografi titled 'The Nine Levels the between Heaven and Earth' or 'Nine Levels Among Khayangan and Earth'. In addition to expressing her experiences into space, Yang Liwei also reveals a surprising fact about the menu is not usual for Chinese astronauts. "Some of my friends wonder what we eat in outer space. They think the astronauts got the luxury foods such as shark fin or abalone," Liwei Yan writes in his book, such as pages loaded Telegraph, May 13, 2010. "In fact, we eat normal food, nothing secret." Yan Liwei then mention some of the foods in your diet, no boiled chicken, steamed fish, and meat from local dog Huajian, Guandong, China - known as high-nutrition in China. In the tradition of Chinese medicine, the dog from Huajian even believed to be more efficacious than ginseng. Dogs commonly eaten in China and are considered efficacious for the winter. Added Yang Liwei, a special diet designed nutritionist from China and prepared by special catering in Beijing. What about the American astronaut menu? For they also prepared a variety of menus such as beef enchiladas, lasagna, sweet and sour pork. NASA requires that food for the astronauts should be easy to prepare and easy to eat, have a low fat, low calorie, contains very little salt. Here's the menu for a Chinese astronaut in space (2009): Day One: Porridge Lotus root, tofu crispy flour, dengandaun onions, yellow fish, boiled pork ribs with seaweed, and spinach saute with chopped garlic. Day Two: spicy pork skin, boiled duck's neck, hairy crab cooked with ginger, spicy chicken hearts, pine nuts with sweet corn, and three-flavor soup. Day Three: poached egg in a sauce of sake rice, sausage Harbin, dog Huajiang, casserole baby squid, eel with green peppers, soy spicy dried tofu. Fruits such as apples, pears and oranges are served in every menu. Also rice, noodles, and sweet potatoes.