Victoria Beckham Ideal Body After Childbirth than two months after giving birth to her fourth child, Harper Seven, Victoria Beckham to appear in public with a super slim body. Victoria Beckham Ideal Body After Childbirth Not only that, a back injury in the suffering did not matter to her. SHe is still trying to come up with its flagship high- heeled shoes. Victoria Beckham was seen shopping in Los Angeles with my dear husband and children by using leather pants, black tank top and high heels adorned with Louboutins. According to people close to this posh spice girl, Victoria's body was returned to her original size. "I never thought he had passed through the size 2 when pregnant," she told Hollyscoop. Reportedly, Victoria suffered a back injury during pregnancy, her baby daughter. But it seems that she recovered quickly from the pain. Previously, it was rumored that Victoria would wear flat shoes at New York Fashion Week. However, all this was indisputable as her recovery. Even 37 years this woman had told the public via twitter account, "I feel better and enjoy every minute with the baby Harper. I am so in love. " Many people who criticize this mother of four children for keeping in shape during your pregnancy size 0. However, the probe into the history of her pregnancy, she did not look fat in other areas of her body other than in the abdominal area. Other celebrities who easily back into shape after giving birth is Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie.