Biggest Enemy At Diet you guess what the worst enemy in weight loss? Well, look in your pantry, fridge or cupboard or in the kitchen. No doubt, the biggest enemy is the sugar.
Sugar is a form of carbohydrate. These include natural forms such
as fructose (found in fruits) or lactose (found in milk) and subtle forms such as
sucrose (found in processed foods). In the present study, suggest that current
Indonesian people of all ages have consumed sugar during recent decades.
Roughly, on average they consume about 70kg of sugar annually.
And sugar typically found in soft drinks and packaged foods high in calories. As a
result of excessive sugar intake, it has a significant effect, namely sugar
prevents people from weight loss. How to reduce sugar

1. Try to eat foods low in sugar such as fresh fruit for a snack or for dessert,instead of candy, or cake. Low-sugar fruits are lemons, melons, kiwi fruit,
pineapple, oranges, cherries and strawberries.

2. Stop eating sugar, tea, coffee or cereal. Both the drink needs sugar. For
cereals, you can add fresh fruit and nuts to make a full breakfast and of
course durable.

3. Only drink low-sugar or sugar-free. Indonesia Most people consume 500 to
1000 calories a day in drinks such as sodas, milk shakes, fruit juices and some artificial energy drinks. You do not realize that beverages like it would make your weight go up drastically.

4. Get used to reading labels. By reading this Nutrition Facts on food or
drink, it helps you to reduce sugar consumption. One thing to note is the
words that end in 'ose'. Basically this is another way of saying "sugar".

5. Be careful with sugar- free products. These products are accompanied
by some sweeteners contain calories as much or more as a substitute for
real sugar. Do not be fooled their products! If you really need to eat sugar, it's better to eat real sugar rather than artificial sugars.