Stockholm: Who does not like chocolate. Almost all these sweet age. A Swedish study found the benefits of eating chocolate for women. Two bars of chocolate per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent. "Chocolate contains flavonoids , which are substances that have antioxidant properties that can suppress the oxidation of lipoproteins (bad cholesterol type) which can lead to heart disease such as stroke" said Susanna Larsson Professor in the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology at Karonlinska University, Stockholm, Sweden, Wednesday (12 / 10). sHe added that with pure chocolate mengomsumsi will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This occurs because these foods can reduce levels of insuluin and prevent blood clots that harm the body. Although considered healthy, onsumsi chocolate in the daily diet should still be regulated. "Chocolate contains antioxidants that are good to our bodies. However, we should not trade with broccoli brown" says Dr.. Nieca Goldberg is a cardiologist and a Director of Joan H. Tisch Centar for Women's Health at NYU Langone Media Center, New York City, USA. The study, released by Larson did show a correlation between chocolate and a reduced risk of stroke in our bodies. However, there is no significant evidence showing the existence of cause and effect of the two. Correspondents than 33,000 women with age range 49-83 years following the study that began in 1997, showed that they had no indication of a stroke, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. When analyzed, Larson added, "Women who ate about 65 grams of chocolate have a lower risk by 20 percent than those not eatng at all." Although only limited studies conducted in women, he hopes that the same result can occur in men. "Instead, we ate the dark chocolate. This is because, the type of chocolate has more flavonoids and low blood sugar" she said.