became every woman's desires. But you know, a diet is not only beneficial to maintain ideal body weight. Doing the diet, is now also used as an alternative way to maintain beauty. Dr Jaishree Manchanda dermatologists believe that true beauty comes from within. Therefore, he was confident that the food consumed by humans can affect the health and beauty of skin and body. "The secret to healthy skin light can not be hidden in your cosmetics," says dermatologist Dr Jaishree Manchanda. "Healthy skin, like any organ, is often a reflection of diet and lifestyle," he said as quoted by Times of India pages. If you keep the body from the inside, it was able to make a difference in the skin. However, the biggest mistake that is often done when the diet is to cut the essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs not only support cardiovascular health, provide immune, and reproductive and nervous systems healthy. EFAs are also able to stimulate the body to make new cells, repair damaged cells and get rid of toxins. A recent study also said that the EFA not only effective against dry skin but also important in helping you lose weight. New skin cells that continue to be formed to replace the old skin cells or damaged, but if we eliminate these nutrients in the daily diet, then it potentially makes the skin lose its ability to renew cells. EFA deficiency can also eliminate moisture and elasticity, which causes the skin dull and dry. "The best way to keep your skin soft and supple is to provide proper nutrition and then protect it with a protective lotion that is significantly to reduce the loss of natural oils and moisture," said Dr Mohan Thomas Senior beauty. For that, keep in mind, diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of your skin. Making nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits plus skim milk, vegetable oil, yogurt, honey and yeast as food daily diet, is also beneficial to maintain the natural beauty from within. Start doing a healthy diet these days, to look pretty young all time.