London:Do not Start Diet on Tuesday Many say the diet can be done anytime. However, a unique
research revealed that today is also influencing the success of
your diet program. Media Newslite proclaim,
Tuesday (18/10), women who start counting calories on this
day will usually be immediately surrendered in less than a week. In fact, their weight actually be increased. It was based on a study of 2,000 people in Britain who do diet program since last year. The result, the average of them
revealed that they always fail on a diet on Tuesday. but when they started the diet again on different days, Saturday for example, weight loss proses
they actually succeed. In the meantime, if they are dieting on Monday, the average
of them will lose eight pounds or 28.8 kilograms for three weeks.
Then, if the Sunday dieting weight loss process seems to also be successful. They usually will experience what is called a diet "yo-yo" which makes the diet
work up to 88 percent.

One spokesperson from Tesco diet program says, "changing your eating habits can be a
tough challenge any day. However, psychologically, dieters are more motivated to initiate and continue the diet if they start again early in the week or on weekends."