New Delhi: Dried Fruit Great for Diet There is the thought that the dried fruit, maybe not as healthy as other fresh fruits. However, it seems such an assumption is no longer appropriate. A recent study led by Dr. Daniel D. Gallaher, of the University of Minnesota, United States, suggests that the traditional dried fruits, like dried apricots, dried apples, dates, dried figs, raisins and sultanas, prunes and worthy to be included in dietary recommendations, fruit and vegetables worldwide. That is because dried fruits contain a large source of soluble fiber that is needed when the diet. Just like fresh fruit, they also have a low glycemic index value, and can play an important role in preventing various aspects of metabolic diseases. In addition to fiber, dried fruit also contains high potassium good for your diet. Not only that, dried fruits contain many bioactive phenolic compounds, as well as vitamins and certain minerals that are unique to each fruit. Latest news, fruits are also suspected to contain high levels of various polyphenols, and is now being investigated further. (IAN / Zeenews)