Never Diet Again Fails It's desperately diet, but the numbers on the scale as if reluctant to leave. Frustration? Do not, please! By changing a few lifestyle
could actually help you lose weight. It's easy, really. Starting from drinking before meals can reduce the weight of 2 kg, read the nutrition label of each food, to keep a snack from the eye. But, be careful. If you find that you chose the wrong friends for lunch, might actually jumped
back needle scales. The researchers believe that behavioral change is
more effective than a diet. "Better use of existing energy to think about how
you eat than just have the intention to restrain appetite," says psychologist Roy Baumeister, author of "willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human
Strength" as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Never Diet Again Fails Then, the behavior of what else can you do? Use a smaller plate Research from Cornell University, United States, found that when placed on a plate food portions are big, people will be eating serving fewer than average. Hence, the willingness to increase the size of the meal. Meanwhile, when the same portion is placed on a smaller plate, the food will look for more, so
they'll eat less. Use a spoon and fork to eat a larger There is a relationship
between the size of the silver with the amount of food consumed. Found
that people using spoons and forks that are smaller will eat more than those
who eat with a spoon and fork over big. Because
eating more meals with smaller tools, then there will be suggestions, ie a
longer feeling of fullness. Choose a man as a friend
to eat According to a psychologist, Meredith Young, a woman will eat
more little if they are accompanied by men.

"There is a possibility that the portion eat a little is the signal appeal, "he told The Atlantic. Do not eat in the company of friends If you eat with friends, it
could be that you will eat more than strangers. Researchers from the State
University of New York said that a friend unwittingly acting as a giver permission
and encouraged to eat more. Especially if it turns out your friend has a thin
body shape and have a big appetite. Someone will also more when watching
with a friend who lost weight with a larger appetite, than those who
sat next to a big-bodied people who eat more. Avoid ad By looking at the ads a
person will be encouraged to eat more than those who did not. Terstimulus
senses of sight because they see the visual display of food is very appetizing.