You not only have to
be careful with what you eat, but
also the portion of food daily.
Could be, weight gain caused
your meal that is not controlled.
The balance is so key to getting
the ideal body weight. That is,
the amount of food you
consume should be balanced
with physical activity. So, when
your meal is big enough and not
balanced with exercise, what
happens is overweight and
From now on, just control your
portions. In this way, the body
can stay slim while not undergo
a strict diet. The first thing you
should do is figure out the daily
nutritional needs. The following
daily nutritional guidelines for
adults, according to the United
States Department of Agriculture
(USDA), reported from
- Fruit: 1.5 to 2 cups
- Vegetables: 2.5 to 3 cups
- Grains (including rice): 5 to 8
- Dairy products: 3 cups
- Proteins (meat, eggs, nuts): 5 to
6.5 ounces and 8 ounces of
seafood each week
- Oil: no more than 5 to 7
Use a small plate
After knowing the daily needs,
you can begin to control the size
of the meal by using a smaller
plate than usual. The scientists
confirmed that the brain
require visual cues when you will
eat. By getting to use a small
plate, you can 'fool' the brain
related to satisfaction when
eating. So, immediately replace
your plate with a smaller size.
Hand size
Want to know the right size? No
need to measure food using
digital scales. Simply use just
your hands. Here's size.
- Two fingers = one serving of
- Palms open = one serving of
- A closed fist = one serving of
fruit or vegetables
- Hands cupped = one serving of
cereal or grains
- The tip of thumb = one serving
of margarine, oil, or salad