Many women have made ​​various efforts to have the slim body ideal. Some considered a weight problem more stressful than about romance. As quoted by Female First, a survey revealed 10 percent of women feel more guilty when breaking the rules of diet, than when lying to your partner. As many as 25 percent of those surveyed even openly said that the success of slimming diet is more important than romance. However, they did not deny that the reason the diet is more to the aesthetic factor to attract the opposite sex, not health. While 30 percent of other women more frequently admitted to master mind with food and diet program compared to their partner. In fact, half admitted more obsessed with food than sex. Nutritionist, Linda O'Bryne, said that the diet should be part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Not activities conducted solely to create the beauty of the body for a moment. Surveys in the UK was in line with the results of the Max Planck research Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, for 24 years. That, more slender body gives life satisfaction compared to a harmonious relationship or romance.