Any woman would want to look beautiful on her wedding day maximum. This makes a lot of obsessed to lose weight ahead of the wedding. But, the greater the bride wishes to lose weight, weight actually increase.
The team of researchers from Flinders University in Australia, found that 85 percent of women want to lose weight before the wedding took place.
Target weight loss they are also quite high, up to 9 pounds. The study, published in the journal Body Image, the analyzed 350 brides a month before the wedding and six months thereafter.
Known, half of the prospective bride can lose weight between one and two kilograms. However, the bride and groom who is obsessed to lose weight, long before the wedding, her weight rose by 2.14 pounds. "My understanding of this situation, that they restrict eating and exercising well before the wedding, after which it does not matter anymore. They are potentially creating a cycle of yo- yo dieting can trigger a sense of dissatisfaction with body condition in the long term," said chief researcher, Dr.. Ivanka Prichard, quoted by the Daily Mail. He also reveals that the pressure to lose weight ahead of the wedding did not come from ourselves. Precisely, because of environmental influences, such as family, friends, media and even tailors bridal fashion. "There is great pressure from the environment to lose weight ahead of the wedding," said Dr.. Ivanka. Ahead of the wedding process is very complicated, according to Ivanka is a combination of various viewpoints problems. Starting from the financial, technical, and can trigger feelings of mental health disorders. However, he stressed one thing on every bride. "It must be remembered that the couple marry you because he loves you. Not because you look slim with a wedding dress," said Dr. Ivanka.