It was difficult to keep up appearances in order to stay slim and youthful ideal. But not so for the mother of two, Gwyneth Paltrow. For Paltrow, not be a problem that is difficult to maintain beautiful appearance. Evidently, even though she was already at the age of 39 years, Paltrow still looks pretty and slim. What's the secret? "For me, sleep is the main thing," she said while appearing on the Ask Dr. Brandt on Sirius XM Radio as quoted by the People page. "When I am having less trouble sleeping, I always feel I look like it had been hit by a truck," she said again. Gwyneth did not deny, busy life as a celebrity is often made her sleep problems. Even so she has the antidote to her appearance still looks perfect. When not enough sleep, Paltrow has other beauty secrets. Diligent drinking water, taking vitamins and eating regularly at least one cup of coffee with almond milk every morning is also included in the list of beautiful secret Paltrow. Not just stop there, Paltrow was always diligent in his homemade vegetable juice. Frequently consumed vegetable juice made of spinach. At lunch, Paltrow was always set up a special menu consisting of vegetable proteins as well. Even so, it is not impossible, Paltrow once or twice to break the rules stubborn diet. "For dinner, I really tried to avoid it," she said. But she said, it is difficult to resist the temptation if she was outside the house. Often Paltrow was eating fried food and drank a little wine. But when at home, a woman born 27 September 1972 is always healthy cooking for her family, and trying to avoid gluten and dairy. Detoxification is also often done. In one year, Paltrow detoxification twice. So no wonder if Paltrow likes to do an elimination diet that lasts for three weeks and allowed to eat lunch every day. "I feel really rejuvenated my body," she said. Among his detox she sometimes just juice for five days. To round it's a health plan, Paltrow also often menyelinginya with exercise. SHe even entrusted fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. The actress also feel more confident with her appearance at this time. "Now, I love my body twice before," she said proudly.