Many people think running will burn more calories than walking. But in an experiment turned out with the right techniques, we can burn more calories by walking.

This is the conclusion of an author of Runner's World magazine is doing a comparison between these two cardio activity. By using a heart rate monitor, he ran on the treadmill in 6 different speeds. Then after a pause, he repeated it but by foot.

He found that when her footsteps exceed 5 miles per hour (mph), walking becomes more difficult than running. This was demonstrated by heart rate (heart rate).

It is undeniable, walk more than 5 mph is very difficult, but if the condition can be accepted by our joints, do not need prestige if you can not offset the running speed of your colleague.

Runs at high speed will force the body to move in a manner inconsistent with the movement should thus increasing the internal friction.

Indeed, running burns more calories. But walking is also a good alternative to burning calories. The point is to do something challenging without making body fatigue.