diet for office workers .Provided you know the portion size and the extent to which these snacks affect your health. So that no one steps, follow the guidelines. Keep your snacks from Reach For office workers, put the snacks on the desk was common. Looks like chocolate, candy, wafer, or the various flavors of potato snacks, has become a 'resident' keep your desk.

Should change this habit, one should not you keep snacks in the office, provided out of reach of your hand. "Do not get used eat while typing or calling because you will unconsciously eat more," said Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of "The Flexitarian Diet".

Keep snacks in the Far Places Reducing snacking in times of office hours is a good idea. But there is also a good idea, you eat a small snack in the hour- hour responsibility, before lunch time arrived. So that when the time for lunch, you're not too crazy eating the food there. "We recommend to put snacks in distant places, such as kitchen cabinets or office.

In order to retrieve it, you should attempt to go first or you'll feel lazy to even pick it up. Automatically, your desire to menyemil will be lost," says Blatner. Arrange portions There is no prohibition to the stomach with a snack before you go to lunch. Provided, you can adjust the portions. Blatner says, "Do not menyemil directly in large quantities, take the portion little by little in a small dish or jar.

It is useful to measure the amount of snacks you so do not overdo it." Create a Shopping List Healthy Snacks Blatner suggests, that you buy and combine your snacks. For example, look for snacks that have protein content as well as fiber to be processed quickly by the body.

Like, a combination of apples and cheese or almonds and grapes. Fibrous fruits will make your stomach feel full and satisfied, because it is rapidly absorbed by the body. So, your desire to menyemil will not often approached. Do not Miss Lunch For career women and workers in the metropolis, can sometimes skip lunch time granted. And lunch time is the time you fill up the energy to be able to work afternoon or even evening.

So do you think once in a while, lots of snacks that can replace the source of carbohydrates that you get in the lunch hour. Remember, snacks only serves as an adjunct to prop hunger before lunch time arrived.