easy ways burn 3000 calories. That excess walking when compared to his other sports. You do not need to provide a special time to learn it or issue a budget to buy a variety of equipment that cost a fortune. However, that does not mean you can do it at will. For optimal results, there are some things you should look, from the comfortable clothes to the motivation for yourself. If you practice with the routine, it is not likely thousands of calories will be lost from your body. And beautiful posture would be your dream come true. PERFECT TECHNIQUE

1. Runs stable Walking, jumping up and down the small steps will not only slow but also not overload your joints. The movement of your body should remain At the back foot forward, let your hips rotate to relieve step.

2. Strengthens buttocks Pressing the buttocks will strengthen your lower back and rear body shape.

3. Contract your abdominal When you walk fast, there is a tendency to drop your waist. And this can harm the lower back. Hold the rib cage high and contract the abdomen. If it can move forward with a lighter, then you are running correctly.

4. Dividing body weight When the foot touches the ground, think about how to divide your weight. Hit the ground with the heel first. As you step into the basic toes, do it slowly. This movement will give more power when you push your thumb.

5. Paying attention to your posture Do not look at your feet when walking. Looking down will prevent you to contract the abdomen and move quickly and powerfully. Look forward and hold your chest up and shoulders back.

6. Walking on a treadmill As you walk on the treadmill, do not feet loudly, because it can injure the shin. Tread lightly. If the legs begin to trample out loud, lower your pace

7. Pressing the stomach Pull belly inward and upward, like when you close the zipper tight jeans. This movement will support your posture correcting back.

8. Climbing the hill Usually people walk up the hill quickly, then slowly descend. Now try doing the contrary. As you climb, walk slowly. When you decline, long, steps. Thus, gravity and momentum will take over. IMPROVING QUALITY

9. increase the duration of exercise increase the intensity, or the occasional walk faster uphill, add the duration of exercise by walking a little faster every time you start. Or walk the four (not three) days a week. But, do not do it all at once, because it can cause you injury.

10. Trying elsewhere Exploring the area that will make your legs heavy harder. By walking on sand gravel, you can up calories burned as much as 60 per hour.

11. Shortening step In order to run faster you have to make short, quick steps, not the length.

12. Doing exercises alternating Interrupted exercise (exercise alternated between light and heavy) is an effective way to train harder without feeling you have done. Squeeze in a few minutes to walk fast or even run in a long stride.

13. Utilizing the arm Encourage arms up high and hard will not increase the number of calories burned. Better to bend your elbows approximately 90 degrees and let your arms move a few inches from the back of the hips to the chest line.

14. Walking swing If you do a brisk walk with a swing, you will burn calories as much as a runner, slowly rotate your hips at every step to push forward. If you go with the right foot, slowly push your hips forward and then back. Start by walking normally for a few minutes, then try for a few minutes hip techniques.

15. Conduct additional training If you walk in the park, a time to train the muscles of the upper arm (triceps) and doing push-ups. Try three sets with 10-15 times each repetition.

16. Tips for the treadmill If you practice with a treadmill, try running utilizing the tilt (Incline). Walk with a tilt speed of 1-10% within ± 5 to 6.5 miles per hour (3-4 mph). This movement will also train your butt muscles.