Exercise Helps Chronic Disease TreatmentCanberra: The benefits of exercise for body fitness is already widely known. Not only can improve your fitness, activities that can also assist in the treatment of chronic diseases.

"Exercise is the most effective drugs, either to prevent or assist in the treatment of various chronic diseases, which are responsible for 80% of the total fund our health," said Edith Cowan health experts padaKonferensi Sports and Health Australia, as reported by Zeenews website on Friday (11 / 11).

Cowan also revealed an active lifestyle greatly affect a person's health level. Those who have normal weight with inactive lifestyles are at risk of premature death.

 This was due to a variety of chronic diseases that are three times more likely than those with weight above the average with an active lifestyle.

 Previous research has also found other benefits of exercise. Exercise and mental health are intimately connected. People who have a healthy lifestyle with exercise will make it appear confident