how to calculate ideal weight. everyone wants to have ideal body weight and body a good look at. is not easy to obtain an ideal body weight, eating a good adjustment is necessary and also of course a healthy diet.

but that you also have to know which way to measure how the ideal body weight for you. here I possessed a little explanation to calculate the ideal weight

1. ideal weight
ideal weight-loss = (height - 100) - <10% (height -100)) for example: your height 180 cm. then your ideal weight is = <180-100> - <10% (180-100)> = 80-8 = 72kg

2. normal weight
normal weight = (height - 100)

example: your height 170. then you are normal weight = 170 -100 = 70 kg.

arrange to get the ideal body weight according to the needs of your diet, do not eat to excess. adequate nutrition, adequate sleep and rest. and do not forget to do regular exercise at least 4 times a week. do not be lazy to change your habits and the result is definitely satisfying.