is beyonce pregnant? Does it true? Singer Beyonce was pregnant with her ​​ first child. However, the news media had lively discussion in the United States was denied by her husband, Jay Z. "I sat down and asked if people would stop," said Jay-Z in a show on the radio as quoted by the People, Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

Jay-Z admitted he and his wife did not want to expose their personal problems in public. He also will not tell what's happening in the house becouse was included in the private sphere. "Everyone knows I'm married.

I just do not want to talk about this because it is part of my life. This is too personal for me," said the singer who always kept the identity of his mother.

Previously, Beyonce's mother also had denied the pregnancy is a very famous daughter. He claimed his son was not thought to have children because he wants a serious career.