Jay Wornick diet Weight 90 Kilograms Having a healthy body is often posed as one of the resolutions in the new year. So is the husband and wife, Jay and Angela Wornick, they bet on losing weight as a resolution of 2011.

 Unlike most people who instantly soggy after a few months, Jay kept his promise. Ten months later, Jack is able to lose weight as much as 90 pounds. Jack told me, precisely January 1, 2011, his weight reached 166 pounds. That's when his wife challenged him to a diet.

 Father of three children of this state, unhealthy eating habits made her body swell. Every day, he mengasup half a kilogram of steak, with three servings of mashed potatoes and 12 cans of soda.

 He also frequently eat pizza and snacks stealth when his wife was sleeping. "I eat whatever I could not move," he said. During dieting, Jay, 30, changed his diet of 8000 calorie intake to 1,500 calories with fruits fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

 He also supplement your diet with drinking water and exercising six days a week at a gym near his home in Fulton, New York. During the first month, Jay managed to reduce 18 pounds of body weight. "I never thought I could do it, but I honestly for 10 months and successfully," said Jay told the Daily Mail. He admitted, things do not just diet, but as a lifestyle.

 "I want people who are overweight know that there's always hope. You do not have to give up and surrender. You can be a healthy and active," he said. Since winning the bet on his wife, Jay paint a ring-shaped tattoo with the initials of the wife's name on her ring finger. Along with her new body, Jay is now dressed in six sizes smaller.

 Managing a video store said he was happy with her new look and can play with three of their children. Jay believes if it was unable to lose weight, she would have died at the age of 50 years. His wife, Angela says, bet it to her husband to change bad eating habits.

 "This is something that is very meaningful because I want us to see our three children grow, seeing grandchildren and deliver a child when they married.