Kind Thai Food The Spicy Of fermented papaya salad with crab shells until the blood, although tasty, these foods can undermine the most resistant stomach spicy though.

Those who came to Bangkok to be reminded to be alert and prepared antidiarrheal drugs. They also must be wary of street food that is not clean. Some people do not even bear to imagine eating fried foods from the roadside, worried about the spicy flavor of this exotic cuisine and them back.

But not all abdominal pain that occurs in Bangkok is the result of food on a dirty street. Conversely, having the barrel waste, which is still often experienced by local residents, is proof that you eat good food.

This is the fifth most dangerous Thai food as well as delicious - most available in the markets in Bangkok.
1. Som tum boo balad

these thai food Delicious and dangerous. It is not strange if you hear people talk about Thailand's most impressive barrel vain they experienced after eating this dish. The main causes of waste barrels are a mixture of fermented papaya salad with crab.

2. Kha gai super

Think of it as a super-spicy chicken soup and sour thai food, full of flavor and all the chicken parts that would normally be thrown away, like a claw. Sometimes soup comes with a red variant as brave as it feels.

3. Hoy khaeng luek

Warning: Eating this blood clams without spicy sauce will offend fellow food lovers. Choose a fresh and avoid eating shellfish is served and not yet open. This spicy shellfish stew will make you the hassle when eating it - and after.

4. GOP kratiem pad kra pow

Actually kra pow, dish with basil leaves, is the standard of food you can find in every restaurant. But, you can get people to Thailand impressed with fried onions add to order frogs. Food vendors on the street will add a variety of seasonings and will probably give you a free toilet paper after you finish this meal.

5. Som tum hoy dong

It feels like fire and merciless. If you've put up with som tum balad boo, you may be ready to belly up to the next level. Just mention the name of fermented papaya salad mixed shellfish and see how people would frown and drooling at the same time.