lose weight 10 pounds a week is it possible? stout people say the road to Rome. as long as there is a will it could be possible. how to lose 10 pounds in a week safely? . do is in a healthy diet and regular so that your health is not compromised. do you know good chocolate eaten in the diet, maybe you think it is not possible, as where we know that chocolate sweets, and sugary foods in general fattening. hot chocolate can make you satisfied and will not make you hungry again.

eat lots of food in the morning then eat enough during the day and do not eat snacks, afternoon fruits and eat a hot chocolate. some good food that is consumed as long as you're on a diet including: fruits, yogurt, Six Foods Energy Retaining Hungry . enough exercise, do not just sit idle movements of your body to burn fat, at least walk do not just sit all day watching television that makes you want to eat a snack or lying down all day.

or you can fast for a week. Eat sweet foods when you start fasting and karbohidat and foods containing protein, fasted for 9 hours then break the fast with sweet foods because you can make early satiety. Do not forget to drink lots of water while you are on a diet. water good for your skin and your health during a diet. that may help u to lose 10 pounds a week. good luck