By P2ka

megan fox weight with her ​​bony body is often practically anorexic. But, had she?

No, according to fitness trainer, Harley Paternak at Hollywood Life, Tuesday (8 / 3). On the contrary, said Paternak, Jennifer's Body star was trying hard to raise hmegan fox weight.

"What I worry about Megan fox too thin? Of course yes! "Said Pasternak. "But believe it or not, she's got a very fast metabolism," he continued. "So the only body building exercise for her. megan fox the problem is how to consume enough food right. People thought 'sHe must have anorexia' but that there are actually far from it. "

Pasternak said, Fox was asked what he was often annoyed anorexia or not. "sHe's frustrated and she was accused once felt the need to raise the megan fox weight. So, he lived it to form his muscles, "explains Pasternak who also trains Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry, and Amanda Seyfried.