You might be lazy to eat nuts because according to myth, peanuts can cause acne or make
the body fat. Based on the research, which is nuts contain high calories which helps filling the stomach,was well taken by you who are doing the diet program. In addition to making weight loss, eating beans also help you sleep soundly.Learn about the benefits of various types of beans that could even help improve the quality of your health as quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail. Walnuts can lower cholesterol Eating walnuts can lower cholesterol has been investigated. This has been evidenced by 13 studies involving 365 people. To
feel the maximum benefits, you need to consume 30 grams of walnuts per day
within a month. Cashew nuts can be overcome fatigue Seeds of the cashew fruit known as the nut is proved to have iron content two
times more than beef mince.

As is known, the benefit is being able to work in iron carry oxygen
throughout the body. Thus, if iron deficiency, can cause
extreme fatigue that can result in worsening of concentration. Pecans to fight colds and flu Pecans contain zinc, which is essential to improve the function of white blood cells that fight bacteria and
viruses, including colds and
flu. Peanuts can lose weight Protein, fat, and fiber in peanuts will help you feel
fuller for longer and can reduce the desire to snack. Research from Harvard
University found that a diet of peanuts and peanut butter is easier and more pronounced efficacy compared with other low- fat diets with equal
calories. Pistachio nuts to lower blood pressure These nuts contain more
potassium than bananas. Nuts can also be incorporated into your daily diet menu to control blood pressure. Potassium in beans is also able to
blunt the effect of salt.Brazil nut that can prevent cancer The content of selenium
contained in it could be a nutrient that helps protect cells in the body. It has
been proved if consumed in large quantities of selenium can reduce the risk of certain cancers such as bladder and prostate cancer.

Almonds to cope with diabetes Due to the high content of fiber and carbohydrate-
free, almonds is believed to lower the glycemic index (the rate at which sugar
enters your blood stream) from food. The content of magnesium in them are
also capable of playing a role in regulating blood sugar.Hazelnuts that can make
a healthy heart Monounsaturated fats contained in hazelnut able to nourish the heart. In addition, the hazelnuts are also rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid,and biotin. All the nutrients they contain make hazelnuts as one of the good healthy food regularly consumed.