Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy , the expectant mothers often suffer from spells of heat and pain in soft tissues such as the throat and stomach. The condition is considered normal. Disorders of the throat and burning sensation in the stomach is temporary and will disappear by itself after delivery, except in women with a history of ulcer disease (gastroesophageal) before pregnancy.

 Burning sensation during pregnancy due to hormones that relax all soft tissue. This condition usually occurs in preparation for birth. While heartburn usually arise due to stress-induced gastric motility and growth of the fetus. As quoted from page Live Strong, the mother needs to do several things to reduce the effects of heat and heartburn during pregnancy. Obstetricians recommend the following points.

Changes in lifestyle The attack is more severe heartburn after meals and before bed. The pregnant women are encouraged to walk around for a while after eating and sleeping with the head higher. Pregnant women should also avoid too much silence or perform the movement with upright posture. At the end of pregnancy, improve posture by posture is always upright. Avoid leaning backward. Good posture is more conducive to helping the birth of a baby.

Diet It is better to eat small meals but often rather than eating three normal meals before pregnancy. Susan Klein, author of 'Books for Midwives' show, that pregnant women with heartburn and heartburn attacks are encouraged to wear loose and do some simple movements following.

 Sitting cross-legged on the floor, arms outstretched to the side. Rise up and lower your arms down as if to fly until both hands touch each other over the head. Do it several times. Natural ingredient diet According to Elizabeth Davis, author of "Heart & Hands, A Midwive's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth ', during pregnancy, your body will naturally slow down digestion to increase the absorption of necessary nutrients the fetus. For that, eat slowly and chew food longer.

 Avoid the various types of foods that are greasy in order to avoid a burning sensation in the throat and stomach pains. Note the type of food diasup. Pair your meal with a vegetable source of starch or protein with vegetables. You should not combine carbs and protein together. How to prevent heartburn and heartburn after eating in between meals such as fruit appetizer consisted of papaya, pineapple and apples. Another way is to chew a small piece of orange peel after eating to reduce heartburn symptoms, heartburn and burning.

S. Susun Weed, author of "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year 'suggested, during the pregnancy in order to eat yogurt, or snacking on almonds with honey hot reducing gas production causes heartburn. For beans, soaking beans before the process it makes easy to digest and cause gas to reduce enzyme inhibitors.

 A cup of tea or eating fennel seeds fennel are other ways to treat heartburn. Anne Frye, author of "Holistic Midwives' recommended supplements contain papaya enzymes, calcium and magnesium. Drugs European Consensus in 2003 recommended pregnant women take antacids low in sodium and rich in calcium and magnesium are considered relatively safe.

Ulcer drugs are high in sodium, sodium bicarbonate, and those containing aluminum, should be avoided. To be more safe, you should consult your doctor before taking drugs during pregnancy.